Thursday, June 28, 2012

Container Gardening

I should preface this post with the truth: I do not have a green thumb. However, I've always been fascinated with growing produce for consumption. This mixture has led to, I'm sure you can imagine, a lot of subpar harvests of sad, little plants.
Now that I'm cooking a lot, I really want to use fresh herbs and vegetables from my own garden. I have the perfect spot for a little garden, and I've been doing a lot of research on container gardening and what I should plant. I found a lot of great resources for natural, homemade pesticides and fertilizers as well as a few helpful tips for a quick perusal. Here are some of my favorites links:

Choosing a container:

Soil solutions:

Organic fertilizers:

Homemade Pesticides:

What to plant:

In general:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Color Inspiration

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Leave-in Hair Growth Treatment

Since donating my hair, I've had an obsession with attempting to grow my hair the longest I can in the fastest way. In a previous post, I made a wash-out oil treatment. This treatment has a lot of the same ingredients, but it's a daily leave-in spray. Let's get to it!

So obviously I didn't make enough to fill this spray bottle, but in my defense, I was going to use a smaller bottle.

 Here's what you'll need and an estimation of how much of each I used:

2 bags - Camomile tea (make sure it's 100% camomile) or Peppermint tea
1/2 tbs - Dry Rosemary leaves
5 tsp - Lemon juice (from the bottle or the real thing) I added this to lighten my hair - you may skip it if you wish.
1 cup - water

(Just a side note, chamomile will lighten hair - especially if exposed to heat or sun.)

Heat up your water and put in into a cup or jar to steep with the two chamomile tea bags. Leave it be for now.

Take the Rosemary leaves and grind them as fine as possible. Of course, a mortar and pestle is so helpful with this step, but getting the leaves super fine isn't truly necessary. Let's go back to our steeped tea. 

Remove the tea bags and stir in the lemon juice!

Now stir in the Rosemary leaves. I put this in a jar that I could shake but I don't think that's entirely necessary. Now I let this mixture sit for an entire day because I wanted the rosemary to steep as much as possible.

In order to get this to spray, I had to strain the rosemary from it before I placed it in its final bottle.

I really love this spray! Firstly, because it's super fast to apply; secondly, it feels really light and bright on. Personally, I added a touch of apple cider vinegar, and it smells really good too - even though I put vinegar in it. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY: Dip Bleached Shorts

As I was rifling through my closet, I unearthed these pair of shorts. I've had them for... ever. Too long and not stylish at all just boring they were long overdue for a restyle. I chose to do something fairly simple, easy and cute. My plan: a cuffed, dip bleached look.

I started off by cuffing them. I marked the length I wanted them to be while I was wearing them, cuffed them and slipped them off. This is optional, but I wanted the cuff to be permanent so I pulled out my thread and needle and did a quick cross stitch on the four seams of the legs. Nothing too fancy but now I know I won't have to mess around with the cuffs anymore.

Now to bleach. I filled a tub with undiluted bleach and slipped the shorts in as far as I wanted the brightest portion to be. The amount of time you leave them in will depend on how thick your denim is. These were thin so I left them in for about a half hour. (Another pair I bleached I had to leave in bleach overnight... three times.) After the half hour, I took them out and let them dry in the sun.

Of course dipping them alone didn't produce perfect results. To even them up a bit, I used a bit of undiluted bleach in a spray bottle. I merely sprayed it on lightly where more bleach was needed and let it dry.

I really like how these turned out, and they were super easy!