Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY: Dip Bleached Shorts

As I was rifling through my closet, I unearthed these pair of shorts. I've had them for... ever. Too long and not stylish at all just boring they were long overdue for a restyle. I chose to do something fairly simple, easy and cute. My plan: a cuffed, dip bleached look.

I started off by cuffing them. I marked the length I wanted them to be while I was wearing them, cuffed them and slipped them off. This is optional, but I wanted the cuff to be permanent so I pulled out my thread and needle and did a quick cross stitch on the four seams of the legs. Nothing too fancy but now I know I won't have to mess around with the cuffs anymore.

Now to bleach. I filled a tub with undiluted bleach and slipped the shorts in as far as I wanted the brightest portion to be. The amount of time you leave them in will depend on how thick your denim is. These were thin so I left them in for about a half hour. (Another pair I bleached I had to leave in bleach overnight... three times.) After the half hour, I took them out and let them dry in the sun.

Of course dipping them alone didn't produce perfect results. To even them up a bit, I used a bit of undiluted bleach in a spray bottle. I merely sprayed it on lightly where more bleach was needed and let it dry.

I really like how these turned out, and they were super easy!


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